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Issue #13 - November 2005     

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In This Issue...
  • Article:  Who's On First?
  • Coach's Corner:   Meet Me Halfway
  • November Tip of the Month

Who's On First? 

Costello: Look, you gotta pitcher on this team? 
Abbott: Now wouldn't this be a fine team without a pitcher. 
Costello: The pitcher's name. 
Abbott: Tomorrow. 
Costello: You don't wanna tell me today?

From “Who's on First” comedy act by Abbott & Costello  

Article by Laurie Owen, SVP, Business Resource Services

Abbott & Costello's baseball routine is one of the classics of comedy. The general premise has Costello, a prospective coach named Sebastion Dinwiddle, talking to Abbott who is Dexter Broadhurt, the manager of the mythical St. Louis Wolves. However, before Abbott takes the job, Dexter wants to make sure he knows everyone's name on the team. Because it's Abbott & Costello, much hilarity and confusion reign when Abbott tries to find out who's who and what their position is. In real life, it's not so funny when your employees don't know who's in charge or what their (or your) position is in the company. continued

        Meet Me Halfway

Hey, remember me? I'm your body. We need to have a heart-to-heart. It's been a long time since we spent some quality time together and it's just not fair. I've been working hard for you every day, getting you up in the morning, out the door, to your car, and to and from your business. I've given you a couple of beautiful children and I'd like to be around with you to dance at their weddings.

You haven't been giving me much to work on lately, or doing me much good, I should say. I don't ask for much...continued 

November Tip of the Month 
You shouldn't have to wait until tax time to see how 2006 stacked up.  Before the Christmas rush hits, meet with your accountant and bookkeeper to map out a target date and plan to finalize your year-end financial statements.  A good goal to have finalized year-end statements in-hand?  March 1, 2006.  Having a goal and a plan gives you a better shot at making it happen.
Happy Birthday Mr. Hegg! 

Steve Hegg, BRS partner, instructor, facilitator, and all around Mr. Fabulous celebrates a major birthday on October 30. Be sure to congratulate Steve on reaching this major milestone next time you see him! 

Liza's Legacy
Liza’s Legacy pin is now available. Singer’s Jewelers are taking orders for “Loves Me, Loves Me Not,” a design inspired by the memory of Liza Warner, a close friend of the Singers who was murdered as a result of domestic violence. All proceeds from the pin benefit the Liza's Legacy Foundation, assisting victims of domestic violence. If you would like to order a pin, please call Singer's Jewelers at (518) 464-4748.  For more information about Liza’s Legacy, visit

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