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Issue #15 - January 2006     

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"Don't worry about people stealing your ideas.  If your ideas are that good, you'll have to ram them down people's throats."  
- Howard Aiken

"Take what you can use and let the rest go by." 
- Ken Kesey

"You can never solve a problem on the level on which it was created."
- Albert Einstein

"Adversity puts people in touch with themselves."
- Rose Lane









"Just the Road Map alone was worth the price of attending."

-Gary Hill, Leo Hamel & Co

"We saw measurable improvements in one month."
-James F. Sunderland Jr., 
James and Sons 

  "It was fun and interesting. I never knew numbers could be this fun." 
-Ray Bleser, Northeastern Fine Jewelry.


In This Issue...
  • Article:  Roadmap: Stop Hidden Costs of Inventory
  • Coach's Corner:   Why go it alone   
  • January Tip of the Month

Road Map:
Stop Hidden Costs of Inventory

Congratulations. You finally dusted off and sold that fine piece of giftware you fell in love with at the buying show four years ago. Since you sold it at full price, you made a pretty nice profit, too. Or did you? Probably not, if you factor in all that you spent the last couple of years in carrying that particular piece of inventory.

We try not to throw too many statistics at our workshop attendees, but one of the key factoids we always share with people is the average cost of carrying inventory. Inventory experts calculate that it starts at 20% of your total inventory dollar and can go as high at 55% depending on your industry. These costs are known as "hidden costs" because typically you won’t see them listed as a separate line item on your P&L.

Just because they’re hidden, though, doesn’t mean that they don’t erode your bottom line! continued...

Coach's Corner by Laurie Owen

Why Go It Alone 
After years of attempting to exercise on my own via VHS/CD/DVD, walks around the block, etc., I finally started attending a twice-weekly yoga class earlier this year. I use the word "attempting" because before the yoga class it was largely a hit or miss affair, depending on weather, mood, level of perceived business, etc.  continued...  

January Tip of the Month 
While the Internet is a great tool when conducting market research, don’t forget your local library.  Call the research desk and have a professional researcher help you find the answer at no charge. Seattle Public Library’s Reference Desk number is 206-386-4636.

Jewelers: 2006 Profit Mastery
Workshops & Plus Days Dates:

Some coaches are better than others. Spend a day with the best and make marked improvements in your company’s performance.

Dates and Locations:
April 18-19 Newark, May 2-3 Chicago, June 28-29 Seattle

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