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June 2011

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We're a little late with this edition of our Profit Mastery newsletter, so we've added a couple of items...sort of like 2 for 1.

In addition, a sluggish economy continues to put undue stress on hiring and business performance.

As someone who has participated in all or part of our Profit Mastery program, you know that "there is less room for error" in today's market — and this condition points directly at Profit Mastery. Also, continued economic uncertainty, combined with an over-zealous FDIC, is having undue impact on our banks and their ability/willingness to lend. Indeed, the majority of business owners feel that access to credit continues to be restricted — so again, there is less room for error.

All of the economic and market factors point directly at Profit Mastery...building a better business owner/manager!

So, in this issue of our newsletter, we are going to ask you to assist us with your insights on Profit Mastery — and we're going to extend to you a generous offer for helping!

Warm regards,

Steve LeFever, Founder & Chairman, Business Resource Services


You may not be aware that the complete Profit Mastery course is now available in a self-study, web-based online VIDEO format and the overwhelming response has been "it's almost like being in the classroom with you" (except that it's better than that because you can complete the 15-20 minute modules at your own speed and you can review key points or concepts as often as you want!).

For many of you, it's probably time for a review, so...

Here's a special offer

For each of your referrals who sign up for the online course at Profit Mastery University we will give you $100.

Send an email to when your referral signs up and we'll get your check to you.

Sign up today!

Here's how to preview the Profit Mastery online video curriculum:


As an attendee of the Profit Mastery course, you know the value of the program and the tools it teaches.

You know you can benchmark yourself against like businesses using ratio analysis. You know your Break-even and use it to make pricing and buying decisions. And you provide your banker with a cash flow projection each time you visit him/her to renew your line of credit.

Are there folks out there in your circle of influence who aren’t on board with these important tools? If so, we have an offer for you, and it could put some extra vacation money in your pocket.

For those folks in your business life who are not familiar with the Profit Mastery tools and processes, we’d like you to refer them to us. It could be someone within your own firm
a manager, an assistant, or that young up-and-comer who has so much potential, or maybe folks from your professional association or franchise network or even your banker or CPA (we offer 18.5 hours of CPE credit for CPAs).

If you believe, as we do, that your colleagues will be more successful business owners and advisors if they have the Profit Mastery tools in their toolkit, please refer them to us.

Now here’s the “what’s in it for me?” part.

For each of your referrals who sign up for the online course at Profit Mastery University we will give you $100.

No strings attached. Just “mailbox” money. And you’ll likely receive the undying gratitude of the colleague you refer you can’t put a dollar value on that. The price for the entire course, which includes the 400-page workbook, is $395. Send an email to when your referral signs up and we'll get your check to you.

To get this information to your referrals, feel free to forward this friendly note, which includes a place for you to include your name as the referral source.


“Until I took the course, I didn’t know how valuable the Profit Mastery tools are!”

That statement is our marketing conundrum, in a nutshell.

We strongly believe, and we think that you’ll agree with us, that the Profit Mastery curriculum is an essential set of tools for business owners and managers to gain and maintain control of the financial workings of any business.

With that, our problem becomes, simply stated, “How do we get more people to take the plunge? How do we get them to sign up for the new Profit Mastery University online course?”

And we’d like to pick your brains for a solution.

You took the course — probably at a live session, possibly online — and something caused you to do it. Maybe it was a push from a banker or accountant or colleague. Maybe you became aware of the course offering and something about the nature of the course or your situation at the time made it click. Our course evaluations tell us that we’re right on the mark with our approach to financial management education so what can we tell folks that will get them to our electronic classroom?

We would very much appreciate your thoughts about how we can be more effective with our marketing.

As you know, the course is now offered as an online streaming video. It’s Steve LeFever at his best and folks tell us it’s just like being in the classroom with him. All the valuable content, the relevant case studies, and the slightly irreverent humor are there. And we’ve repackaged the course workbook into a 400-page support binder that allows the viewer to take the course as a self-study activity. The price is $395, and our participant surveys tell us you feel this is a great value!

So help us take Profit Mastery viral!

We would very much appreciate your thoughts on how we can sharpen our marketing pencil. Call us at the office (toll-free at 1-800-488-3520 — please ask for Steve, Carl, or Rod) or shoot us an email and let us know your thoughts. We value your input.

And, if we use your ideas, we’ll make it worth your time.

Many thanks!


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