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Newsletter, March 2010

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• Spring 2010 — Taking Stock, Taking Action •
• Profit Mastery Online Educational Curriculum • 
• Winmark Business Solutions Online •

Spring 2010 — Taking Stock, Taking Action

Clearly, the U.S. economy has just been through the worst economic downturn in many decades, and the prognosis for recovery is still uncertain. Unemployment still hovers at around 10%, with no real reprieve in sight.

Consumers have also adopted the “bunker mentality” — and we have become a nation of savers for the first time in six decades. I’m not an economist, but I do know this: you can’t save yourself out of a recession. An economy is healthy when money moves — so let’s just say, “banks gotta lend, consumers gotta spend.”

Finally, and, most importantly, what does this mean to us business owners? Of course, none of us individually can control the economy — so what can we control? The answer: our own business…and there’s never been a better time than now to do just that. 

We all pay more attention when our wallets are affected — and they sure have been. Additionally, it’s coming up on loan-renewal time, and 2010 will surely be a time when banks take a harder look at all their credit lines. The message? Get on top of your numbers and take a hard look at your business. Or, as a banker friend of mine commented recently, "Know your numbers, or stay home." And I tell you with absolute certainty that our Profit Mastery program will provide you with the “road map” to do just that. 

The online video program Profit Mastery: Creating Value and Building Wealth will allow you to revisit those concepts you found so insightful and deliver the tools and a powerful process to evaluate your performance, identify opportunities for improvement, and develop realistic plans going forward.

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE 1/1/2010: BRS introduces internationally-acclaimed Profit Mastery® program in a web-based streaming video format that is instantly accessible and infinitely scalable.

I’m Steve LeFever, and I’m the founder of Business Resource Services (BRS). More importantly, I’m also the developer of Profit Mastery, and I developed it to share the most powerful and effective financial management tools available with business owners, bankers, and CPA’s everywhere.

My goal here is to introduce you to our comprehensive Profit Mastery self-study curriculum — now available directly to you as a web-based streaming video program that is infinitely scalable.  No regional meetings, no extraneous costs of airfare, hotels, and meals…and no time away from the business.  Just a world-class curriculum available 24/7/365.  This is Profit Mastery online, and it is our hope that you will preview and then register for our online program, Profit Mastery: Creating Value and Building Wealth.

Profit Mastery — Educational Curriculum

Over the last 25+ years, our comprehensive two-day Profit Mastery program has trained and helped hundreds of thousands of business owners, commercial bankers, advisors, and CPA’s.  More than likely, each one of you receiving this newsletter has attended all or part of our program at some time in the past.

Consistently, the response to our program has been overwhelmingly positive — with comments like: “best program ever” and “I will never look at my business the same way again.”  During the last two-plus decades, we have developed an international reputation for excellence by honing to a “T” our content, classroom format, and presentation style.

Until recently, the program has been delivered solely in a live, onsite classroom setting, usually sponsored by a bank, trade association, corporate network, or CPA firm. As the current recession loomed, our clients — focusing on reduced budgets, prohibitive travel costs, and compressed time availability — encouraged us to develop a program that is comparable in terms of content, methodology , presentation, and impact/effectiveness, but can also be delivered in a distance-learning format to geometrically increase both scalability and cost-effectiveness.

We’re delighted to announce that we listened to our clients, and our internationally-acclaimed Profit Mastery program is, indeed, now available in a web-based, streaming video format.

Profit Mastery — Web-based Streaming Video

Over the past two years, we have developed the Profit Mastery program on web-based streaming video to provide infinite scalability to the process.  To produce this new program, we spent three days in a professionally-designed Seattle TV studio filming our live, two-day program in HD — and then spent 18 months meticulously editing the content.  Since it’s filmed in front of a live audience, participating in the video is just like being there in the classroom — and this is the exact feedback we’ve received!  We then spent another three months painstakingly editing the participant materials to dovetail precisely with the video, resulting in a professionally-bound 400-page Participant’s Guide/reference resource that is shipped as soon as we receive your registration.

To preview Profit Mastery: Creating Value and Building Wealth:

Go to
Click on the "Preview" menu option
Follow the prompts

When the video comes on, click twice on the picture to create a full-screen image (note: to get the video to play, you may have to install a "digital player" — you will see a screen notice if this is the case).

The cost of the program is $595, however, if you register here before March 31, 2010, we will discount $100 off the price — making the cost just $495. Be sure to visit this link and enter coupon code "ezine" to receive your discount. (Coupon expires end of day 3/31/10.)

When you register, we’ll send you an email with your unique user name and password — and we’ll immediately ship your 400-page Participant’s Guide. In addition, we have a toll-free number and an e-mail address to enable you to access our “online facilitators” with any questions.

The true measure of a person, or a business, is not how they do in good times, but rather how they do in tough times. Consider our Profit Mastery program as your financial compass to successfully navigate a most uncertain time.

I thank you for your past participation, and I invite you to revisit the 2010 online version of Profit Mastery.

WBS Online
A Wonderful Resource for Business Owners, Managers, Advisors
LeFever to Contribute Monthly Column
For Winmark Corporation, it began as a means of providing support and information to their four franchise brands — Play It Again Sports®, Once Upon A Child®, Plato's Closet®, and Music Go Round® — and then an interesting thing happened. The Winmark Business Solutions website evolved into a superior resource for anyone involved in business. Best of all, it’s complimentary.

The site is and is managed and maintained by Winmark Corporation.

I encourage you to visit the WBS online site. At first it was just a few pages, and then it began to grow…one page at a time. It was one of those ventures that built on its own momentum…ideas and content eventually developing at a geometric rate. Today the site boasts over 6,000 pages, with more content being added daily.

WBS online features an incredibly wide range of business information, covering everything from starting a business to finance, insurance, technology, and even selling a business. The site also offer dozens of downloadable business and legal forms, including model business document, financial statement templates, and model policies.

It only takes a few seconds to become a member of WBS online; membership is free and entitles you to discounts on a wide array of products and services commonly utilized by small businesses. You’ll also receive the WBS monthly newsletter via e-mail.

Recent additions to the site include PeerSpheres™, where users can connect with each other to form online communities to offer and receive advice on topics of common interest.

In addition, you will find dozens of articles from well-known business publications and authors, and — beginning shortly — I will be writing a monthly column on financial topics ranging from profitability and cash flow to banking and borrowing. All of my topics will relate to the financial aspects of managing a business more efficiently — a plain-English primer on how to identify, measure, and manage the “key drivers” of profits and cash flow. My monthly column will be called Profit Mastery and will be built around “bite-sized” elements from our web-based streaming video program, “Profit Mastery: Creating Value and Building Wealth.”

In summary, I can enthusiastically recommend that you visit the Winmark Business Solutions website — — and become a member. You won’t be sorry.

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