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Article: Rx for Survival

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Issue 1 - August, 2004
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Rx for Survival:
   Treat the Causes, Not
   the Symptoms

Problems — in business or anywhere else — are really only solved when we get to the underlying causes. In medicine, doctors only treat the symptoms of a disease when the causes are unknown. Business owners generally identify three major financial symptoms: low cash, low gross margin, and/or low net profit. continued

Tip of the Month

Put your Road Map to use as a management tool. Pick three areas, set target goals to reach, and share them with your partners and staff. Many of our workshop participants post a Road Map in their office and write in the names of staff responsible for each road map area. Try it and see what hidden profits you can find in your business! Want your own Road Map to Success?

Coach's Corner
by Laurie Owen  

Zap Those Tolerations and
Get Back Energy in Your Life  

A messy desk, an employee with a bad attitude, a friend who always shows up late for lunch, a chip in the windshield of my car, saying yes when I should be saying no, vendors showing up without appointments. Any of these sound familiar? continued...

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Road Map to Success  
Great Management Tool!

We’ve taken our Road Map, enlarged (22x28) and laminated it so you can write on it over and over again. At only $26.95, it’s a great investment. 
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