We’re celebrating our company’s 32nd anniversary! In this edition of the Profit Mastery e-zine you'll find vintage marketing pieces and testimonials, and a spotlight on some of our oldest clients. As 2016 starts to wind down, we hope you'll enjoy this look back at the past 32 years. And, be on the lookout for our first e-zine of the new year where we will explore all of the exciting new opportunities we’ve been working on!

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Express Personnel Service

Since 1984, Profit Mastery has delivered unique, powerful financial management training programs, products, and services to business owners, managers, and advisors. Here's a great client testimonial from 1999 (but it could have been written yesterday...)

Dear Steve:

Well, you knocked 'em out again! You had yet another audience rolling in the aisles with your absolutely fantastic presentation in Dallas last week.

Our franchisees and guests were talking about you until the doors of the last shuttle home closed on them. A lot of them wondered why you aren't on stage at the comedy Club in L.A. or somewhere. But, then, all that vital information on the financial side of running a business would not be nearly so available.

And the information you imparted was great - no nonsense, practical, and hard-hitting. Like you said, street finance. I learned a lot, as well as laughed a lot. I don't think many who heard you will forget the information you imparted to them.

Express Personnel Service

Client Spotlight –
Steve White

Steve White is a “franchisee’s franchisor.” When the franchisor’s mission statement says: “Our mission is to enhance the value of the franchisees we serve” – you know this is a franchisor that gets it.

Early on, Steve recognized the unique impact Profit Mastery has on a franchise network and for the last 20 years we have worked together in every franchise Steve has managed. He is an extremely good franchisor and his franchisees love him because he is obsessed with helping them improve their bottom line. In addition, he is caring, candid and direct – and his appreciation of fine red wines gives him a special connection to Washington State! We at Profit Mastery are blessed to have Steve as one of our longest continuing clients – and as a friend.

Message from Steve White:
"I have worked with Profit Mastery for over 20 years. In that time, I have seen firsthand how effective their program is at advancing the financial knowledge of the franchisees, which in turn increases their bottom line, which then increases the value of the business they own. Bringing Profit Mastery in is a no-brainer.

They have done excellent Keynotes and Workshops at our conventions where they are usually rated as the top presentation, not only because of the content but because their teaching style is fun and accessible. I have also partnered with them on numerous Benchmark Studies. Profit Mastery’s current internationally-acclaimed Performance Group process was initially developed in conjunction with my Allegra network and it has been subsequently licensed by numerous franchise networks.

Franchising gives people the opportunity to realize their dreams but those dreams are paid for with profits from their business. Profit Mastery will help you lead your franchisees there better and faster. That’s the reason these guys have been around so long and have such an excellent reputation in the franchise community.

It worked for us and it will work for you."

~Steve White/PuroClean Corporate Headquarters


Profit Finder
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Michelle Toussaint was the first ever employee with Profit Mastery at the age of 18! As the company grew, her role and responsibilities transitioned to Program Director, where she managed over 400 programs per year.

She was with us until her son was born, and with a new family she decided to change her professional focus and left Profit Mastery in 2002.

For the past 13 years, she has pursued a number of interests and in 2013 Michelle returned to Profit Mastery. We are thrilled to have her back as our Program Director and Director of Member Services!

Based on the two photos, we assume that working at Profit Mastery halts the aging process.

Michelle Toussaint 90's

Michelle Toussaint 2015

The Art of Survival:
In business you take the test first!


Click Here to read an article originally written back in 1993! The information is just as relevant as it was back then.



Some things have changed and some things have stayed the same. Profit Mastery's proven process has been working for businesses since 1984. Profit Mastery's marketing, however, has been updated for the times. Here are some old marketing pieces from back in the day for your amusement.

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